Villa Don Lino, Rafael Freyre, Holguin
A tourist villa on Rafael Freyre, Holguin surrounded by a peaceful and cozy environment
Villa Don Lino Cabanas

Hotel Villa Don Lino

The Hotel Villa Don Lino, isolated roomy mansion beside the sea, it is rated 3 star and it located in the north part outside of the municipality Rafael Freyre in the county of Holguín of the Oriente of Cuba, it is the most ideal stay for tourists that love the sun and the state of peace.

Villa Don Lino Pool

Of archaic and rustic look, feature that undoubtedly call its attention, and surrounded by a peaceful and cozy environment, the Hotel Villa Don Lino offers to the visitor diverse attractions and all the conditions to enjoy a pleasant stay.

Villa Don Lino Lobby Reception

The Hotel Villa Don Lino possesses a beach 280 meters long and 50 meters wide. Don Lino has became famous as The Great Little Beach because it boasts a thousand charms in a tiny belt of sand.

Villa Don Lino Cabanas

The indigenous natural surroundings brighten up the spot in which coconut palms and caleta grape vines abound.

Villa Don Lino Beach

The Hotel Villa Don Lino is a very good option for people who want to play, but not stay, at Guardalavaca. It has been enthusiastically recommended by readers

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